Unchain your Wellbeing provides free tools and resources created to empower individuals and organisations. Dr Mel Baker’s evidence-based and practice-based research has produced a comprehensive well-being model to capture your whole self.

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How do you recover after trauma? How do you build a stronger foundation after it has been shattered as an adult suffering from being mentally unwell?

Unchain your Wellbeing brings to you a versatile assessment that captures the whole self. You can understand how you connect with yourself, others and the world around you. If we understand who were are through our interactions and interconnections, then we can restore purpose, wholeness, balance, joy, learning and achievements towards personal empowerment and developing resilience in times of stress, illness and crises. It is a tool to help you discover areas you can improve on in order to make a more positive wellbeing.

In Dr Mel Baker’s research, she has developed a wellbeing model that has four foundational domains that gives stability to our lives; overlaid with five core dimensions that track our responses to events, thoughts, patterns, beliefs, outcomes, behaviours and attitudes towards building a healthy functionality; as well as four elements that help us to understand our needs in order to be satisfied, healthy and well.

“This is the best wellbeing assessment I have seen. Not only have I utilised it for myself, I have also used it in my organisation to help participants engage in a holistic approach. Dr Baker also gives me an organisational analysis so we can improve our program according to the participants needs and gives me the factual statistics to take to board members. Highly recommended for individuals and organisations.” – Adrian Talbot, former Executive Manager of Homes for Heroes

“Thank you for your assessment of my personal wellbeing. It has been helpful in assisting me to attain a more healthy work-life balance. This holistic approach to well-being has informed my care of others. I anticipate that this assessment tool will be a most valuable resource for life-coaching and mentoring relationships in the future.” – Phil Hanbury, High School teacher and RFS Chaplain

Understanding wellbeing

Wellbeing is used in a wide variety of circles from health to fitness, and the corporate world is now utilising wellbeing measures to de-stress staff. There is no universal definition or agreed meaning. Majority of organisations promote wellbeing similar to the World Health Organisation as physical, mental and social.

‘Well-being is not a beach one can go and lie on and all will be better; it is more a dynamic dance with movement and functionality.’ – Dodge et al 2012

Through Dr Mel Baker’s research on wellbeing, she has developed the most comprehensive wellbeing model available with 13 categories and 69,120 permutations. The model covers our whole self.

“Wellbeing is the interconnection of self with others in the environment and universe that builds a stronger foundation, to understand our core responses and our needs leading to vitality and wellness.”
– Dr Mel Baker 2013

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