Understanding wellbeing

Wellbeing is used in a wide variety of circles from health to fitness, and the corporate world is now utilising wellbeing measures to de-stress staff. There is no universal definition or agreed meaning. Majority of organisations promote wellbeing similar to the World Health Organisation as physical, mental and social.

‘Well-being is not a beach one can go and lie on and all will be better; it is more a dynamic dance with movement and functionality.’ – Dodge et al 2012

Through Dr Mel Baker’s research on wellbeing, she has developed the most comprehensive wellbeing model available with 13 categories and 69,120 permutations. The model covers our whole self.

“Wellbeing is the interconnection of self with others in the environment and universe that builds a stronger foundation, to understand our core responses and our needs leading to vitality and wellness.”
– Dr Mel Baker 2013

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