Dr Mel Baker

My life has had many life changing experiences and it is from these that I draw upon to develop my tools.

From homelessness at 15 years of age after an abusive home life to becoming a Doctor of Adult Education in training and supporting adults through traumatic experiences. I have had the opportunity to work in Australia in both NSW Police Force and the Royal Australian Navy, as well as police forces in New Zealand and the United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland), and poorer communities as an aid & development educator in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia.

My life experiences have influenced the way that I motivate myself towards challenges with self-confidence, self-control and sheer determination to make a difference. My heart is to see people healed and whole.

Then in 2013, my life changed dramatically. My whole foundation was shattered, my motivation, self-confidence and determination were all gone after going through some horrific abuse in the Navy. I was medically discharged in Feb 2015 with no home, no income, no sense of belonging. Everything I had worked towards had vanished. I was ready to end my life.

Since then, I have slowly built myself up through these years developing tools that have been life-changing for me and others who have used them. They have come out of being at rock bottom, hard work, research, analysing various mental health programs, utilising alternative natural therapies, practice, working through things and testing my wellbeing model on over 200 individuals (both healthy adults and those who are mentally unwell), then reworked it to create the model it is today.

Here my story on Hope Podcast with Georgia Free