Dr Mel Baker
Dr Mel Baker

From Adversity to Advocacy: My life’s tapestry is when with threads of resilience. At 15, I faced homelessness, escaping an abusive home. This crucible moment set me on a path of relentless pursuit of knowledge and empowerment, culminating in 5 degrees and finishing with a Doctorate in Adult Education.

Serving my Purpose: My mission has taken me across continents – from the NSW Police Force and the Royal Australian Navy to aiding communities in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia. Each experience has honed my resolve to see people not just survive, but thrive.

A Personal Revolution: In 2013, my world was upended (again). The abuse I endured in the the Navy , and more over their cover ups, broke me, leading to a medical discharge with nothing but shattered dreams. Yet, it was in this darkness that the seeds of Living Your Wellbeing were sown.

Rising from the Ashes: Through years of rebuilding, I’ve crafted tools forged in the fires of my lowest points. These tools are backed by rigorous research, analysis of mental health programs, and the integration of natural therapies. They’re been refined through practical application on over 200 individuals, resulting in a wellbeing model that’s both robust and compassionate.

Join the Empowerment: Today, Living Your Wellbeing stands as a testament to the power of self-renewal. It’s more than an assessment; it’s a place of healing and wholeness, where I will speak into your life towards growth. Explore our tools and begin your journey to empowerment.

If you would like to hear my full story, Georgia interviewed me over 4 episodes: Hope Podcast with Georgia Free