A two-way street

First published in 2003. The print run was 1,000 copies and was sold out. The 2nd edition was published in 2018 and is available as a paperback and eBook from your local Blurb, Amazon and iBooks.

Autobiography – Inspiration – Sydney, Australia. ISBN 978-1-36-40461-0

My life was silenced. Far different from the early years the I could sing and dance, be playful and feel. Somehow their life was more important than mine. Threats they used always seemed too real – from family, teachers, scout leaders, corrupt police officers, work colleagues. I was screaming on the inside, allowing these men to get away with so much. I should be crying. I should be emotionally be feeling something. But I feel nothing.

Come on a journey with me, into the depths of my story, as an abused child growing up in what seemed like a normal middle-class family. Where Q from James Bond meets Underbelly on the Golden Mile. Is life a one-way street? Is life this unloving, uncaring, distrusting and meaningless? Is life found under a bridge? As a homeless teenager sleeping under a bridge in Sydney Australia in the 80s, can I find my way?

“Author demonstrates a tremendous amount of bravery in sharing stories of sexual assault and abuse. We can feel her approach, then a needed distancing from the memories, and the reader experiences that constant pull, and reminders of what it felt like to leave her body and go to a safe place while being molested. Author’s well-crafted step out of reality gives the reader lots to feel and a great depth of her character.

Dialogue itself is strong and engaging. There is some gorgeous phrasing and crushing honesty, such as ‘I used to feel alive. I used to feel’. The reader is clobbered by those simple lines and the strength it must have taken for the author to achieve that level of self-awareness and healing. The pace moves along well, chapters transitions are especially strong, and the author’s writing voice is clear, conversational, and just raw enough to cut us with those memories that required escape. Very brave. Author gives us lots to think about long after the book is done.”

– Judge, 27th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

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Published 2019 – art and story

Have you ever felt trapped or lived with that emotion? It’s like the very person you know within you melts away each day as hot sun liquefies a glacier. Time seems endless and yet still. Silenced to nothingness. Drifting in fragments. No control. Thoughts are stuck in my mind. I need to expel outwards. The fear alone stops me. Time may seem silenced, but the days go on and the years went on without me.

It was going to be the first day of the rest of my life. I stood tall and proud, strong and confident. I loved being there for people and helping them to be the best they can be. I pledged my life to serve my country, then it was all taken from me. It was strong powerful men that shut me down. This book is my tumultuous journey of working through the emotions, pain and struggle after dealing with abuse I received whilst serving as the only female chaplain in the Royal Australian Navy.

Mel’s honesty can at times be confronting. Yet it is her honesty that makes this book such a valuable resource. It is Mel’s desire that in sharing her experiences others may find comfort, courage and hope.”
– Peter Clarke, writer of the Foreword

Impressionistic and courageous, Mel has found the strength to document her journey from the darkest depths, to the life-saving highs of finding hope and healing. This is a painful, thoughtful and ultimately inspiring book that celebrates Mel’s ability to overcome great odds and challenges.”
– Nick Barkla, Australian Director and Actor

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