living well talks podcast dr mel baker

LivingWell Talks podcast

Coming to you online – an empowering and encouraging podcast, drawing from my own experiences in life and how I overcame obstacles, trauma, loss, grief and the grind of daily living.

Living Expressions

Now has a podcast. Something a little different – monologues of real moments. You can also share your story by sending in a recording. Contact Mel

A mental health and wellbeing publication began in 2020 to empower each other as we share our stories through words, pictures, objects, art, photography. From 2025, global events will be held in celebrating our stories and together we can empower each other and others to overcome hurdles and trauma in life.

Be involved:

  1. Share your story: by telling your story in this safe environment, it will not only empower others but also yourself.
  2. Inform: help spread the word about this unique opportunity to empower each other and let me know if there is anything I can do to help you through this process.
  3. Read: other peoples stories who contributed to the original publication. They can be found under overcoming, transforming and living. This area will continue to expand.

The Wellbeing Roadmap Board Game

Was AUD75 now $40! To purchase go to CONTACT

This game is revolutionary in discovering your wellbeing, validations, affirmations, core values and levels of acceptance whilst playing a game which is fun and community-orientated. At the end of the game, you walk away with tools to utilise and more of an understanding of self through difficult life events.

The game is for adults and can be utilised in small or large groups, family or couple time, therapy group time, mental health clinics, wellness groups, or in your organisation. Playing time is approximately 60-90 minutes. A wide range of game play that can be incorporated into any function for even 5-10 minutes to check in to see how people are going.