Quality versus Quantity

quality vs quantity

When did society start believing quantity was better than quality?

Those of us who have lived on both sides, we often find ourselves question quality, respect for others, professionalism because we grew up with workmanship.

Look at how things are made like cars, clothes and furniture these days. They don’t last 20 years any more, more like just past their warranty. No quality, only quantity. 

Look at our foods, especially fresh produce, they used to be wholesome, nutritious and organic, but now unless you spend double the amount, you get tasteless veggies, questionable nutrition and chemicals added. Loads of choices, but quality has disappeared.

Think of watching a movie or TV series these days, if we spend all our time streaming, we forget about quality until we put on a DVD and think “wow, that picture quality is amazing”. We certainly have more choices 24/7 with streaming on demand, but quality not so good. 

And what about people? Quantity in our society over quality has deemed it more selfish, less respect, professionalism in some industries does not exist, service dropped to get more customers (quantity) and some of us are left wondering where has it gone? 

Marketing swamps you with information. Have you noticed that when you get a marketing email on a product of interest, then they swamp you with information over and over again, some daily, wondering why you haven’t made a decision! I can’t keep up with their demands and nor should I as it is important to go after what we desire and need, not be pushed into things. 

Not much professionalism is seen in social media. The quality is difficult to find because the demand of frequency is so high by the algorithms that are used. No wonder I struggle when I am trying to be authentic, professional and give quality. I refuse to bow to their desires of quantity. My posts and podcast episodes might be ad hoc, but I know I am delivering quality meaningful inspiration to empower others. I have no interest in lowering my standards. Where has quality gone? Are we okay with it’s disappearance? Have you noticed it slipping away from us more and more? Can I at least hold onto my professional standard, truth and integrity to prevail over lies and cover ups, information overload of stuff I don’t need to know. I will continue to give all that I am, to the best of my capability at the time with quality not quantity. 

Dr Mel Baker