Being grounded

Life is filled with so much suffering and pain. It always has been. What makes it better and bearable is connection. Connection for the soul, deep within us.

To strive for something more than ourselves.
To be everything we can be to others and nature.
To freely give without restriction and certainly to love beyond measure.

I’ve been reading and researching about the mind and how our brain, mind and relationships interconnect. Fascinating stuff.

Lack of connection promotes life as chaotic, stuck, dull, explosive, unpredictable – we become imprisoned in anxiety, depressions and addiction.

The more we can connect, the less of these things we will feel. Sometimes real connections are just out of the frame, especially in this pandemic world. Connection can happen and needs to also happen with ourselves too.

I’ve been watching an Australian drama series recently, Tangle, on Netflix. It got me thinking about being grounded as punishment when we were kids and what parents do today. Essentially, being grounded usually is being in your bedroom with no technology and lack of freedom. These days that would “hurt” kids who have grown up with technology and only connect through it, but for many of us that meant no TV or talking on the corded dial-up phone that couldn’t reach the bedroom!

What being grounded is actually doing is helping the individual to be present minded! What did you do in your bedroom? I wrote or did art. Both are present moment calming activities that are de-stressing!

Essentially, we need to be “grounded” more often! Perhaps from not doing something wrong, but for all the right reasons to de-stress and be present with ourselves. One of the best gifts you can give yourself.

You are grounded!

Well, I most certainly am! :o)